Thursday, November 13, 2014

At the Table, a chat with Kelly Lincoln

I got on the phone not too long ago with podcast host Kelly Lincoln for a long lovely chat about my books, my writing, and oh, just everything. 

It doesn't hurt that Kelly and I have known each other since our Faire days! Almost-an-hour really wasn't long enough. Just push Play!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet... well, me!

Many thanks to Lorraine Mace for featuring me today on her and Maureen Vincent-Northam's terrific blog, The Writer's ABC Checklist.

It begins thus:

What genre would you say your novels fall into, or do they defy classification?
The Mermaid Stair is a fantasy, but that’s where genre stops being entirely clear. There are fairy tale elements. Ben and Raven use music and intuition to walk through time on behalf of the king of Faerie, so some people like to call it a time travel fantasy. There are elements of urban fantasy, but the cityscape is usually in the past, so it’s also historical fantasy. I’m a stickler for accuracy and do tons of research even if the segment is relatively short. And of course, they occasionally get chased by wolves, so there’s considerable adventure. Oh, and humour, too! So I wouldn’t say that defies classification, so much as laughing classification out of the room.

For this and other fascinating details, please check out the blog!

Medieval Curiosities for a Wednesday morning.

Medieval Curiosities for a Wednesday morning.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


It's so weird the things that provide comfort, and weird comfort at that. 

See, I submitted a little story called "Strange and Charmed" to Asimov's in early August. They say their average response time is 5 weeks. That average is, of course, calculated from much longer as well as much shorter wait times. Now the nice thing is that while you're anxiously waiting (and of course working on other things) you can check on your submission yourself. They use an online submission form on the website, and after you click Submit and get the acknowledgement email, you come back and check the submission status any time you want. Neat, though still frustrating as the weeks go by.

Well, ever since August 9 it has said "Received". Today, it has changed. And while it isn't as good as an email of acceptance, at least now it says "Under Review." That's good. Someone is actually reading my story! And while I know it could very well say "Declined" in mere minutes, at least it's movement. I know the app isn't just stuck, and believe me, that crossed my mind.

So of course now, instead of twice a week I expect I'll be checking it every hour or so until  it changes again. 

Nope, hasn't changed since I started typing. Dammit.

Toes and fingers and ethereal pseudopods crossed. 

ADDENDUM: Asimov's politely said no. Still trying!