Saturday, October 4, 2014


It's so weird the things that provide comfort, and weird comfort at that. 

See, I submitted a little story called "Strange and Charmed" to Asimov's in early August. They say their average response time is 5 weeks. That average is, of course, calculated from much longer as well as much shorter wait times. Now the nice thing is that while you're anxiously waiting (and of course working on other things) you can check on your submission yourself. They use an online submission form on the website, and after you click Submit and get the acknowledgement email, you come back and check the submission status any time you want. Neat, though still frustrating as the weeks go by.

Well, ever since August 9 it has said "Received". Today, it has changed. And while it isn't as good as an email of acceptance, at least now it says "Under Review." That's good. Someone is actually reading my story! And while I know it could very well say "Declined" in mere minutes, at least it's movement. I know the app isn't just stuck, and believe me, that crossed my mind.

So of course now, instead of twice a week I expect I'll be checking it every hour or so until  it changes again. 

Nope, hasn't changed since I started typing. Dammit.

Toes and fingers and ethereal pseudopods crossed. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An New Interview

Nancy Jardine asked me a few questions, so I answered them!

Come learn about Maggie Secara

On my Welcome Wednesday slot I'm delighted to be interviewing a fellow Crooked Cat Author - Maggie Secara. Maggie mingles the genres of historical and fantasy in her Harper Errant Series- but that's only part of her writing to date. Settle in for a great read because I asked her these questions...

Having read Book 1 of your Harper Errant series -The Dragon Ring - I know that your writing style can also be said to encompass time-travel and fantasy. Which other descriptors would you use to explain the genre-mix of your series to a potential reader?
Oh, so many things! The existence and impact of Faerie magic on the mortal world provides a mythic element as does the deep influence of fairy tales and folklore. Each book begins in the modern, mundane world, but it‘s a world with strong magical potential. The only magic is what already exists in imagination, but particularly in music. But in Faerie, which is always no more than a step away if you know how to take it, music and magic are the same thing.

To read the whole thing, go straight to Nancy's Jardine's blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm on a panel at LASFS tomorrow evening, 28 August, talking about world building with fantasy authors S. P.Hendrick and Robert Seutter, and it's being recorded for internet Krypton Radio! Please drop in if you're a member, or listen in later. This should be exciting.

Saturday Sep 27 9PM Pacific (which happens to be my birthday)
Sunday Sep 28 5AM Pacific
Sunday Sep 28 4PM Pacific
Thursday Oct 2 5AM Pacific
Thursday Oct 2 4PM Pacific
Saturday Oct 4 5AM Pacific

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can you find the Mermaid Stair?

I almost forgot to say anything!

My new book comes out this Friday, May 23! Between trying to settle into a new job and get out of debt and oh yes, recover from the surprise Attack of the Ruptured Appendix, I've been a little distracted, so I've kind of neglected to tell everyone, or plan much. But it's Friday!

Filled with myth and mermaids, music and madness, Mermaid Stair is the third of the Harper Errant trilogy.

A scrap of parchment with a mysterious sigil... A message in a forgotten language... A mermaid paradise of waterfalls and dreams... And Ben Harper’s life is about to get complicated—again.

Scarred by fires inside and out, barred by his heritage from any kind of grace, half-fae Silence Carew longs for the comfort of a human soul. His life is one of unending anger and despair, until the day the voices in his head offer a monstrous solution. If he can find the nerve, and the Mermaid Stair, the reward he seeks can be bought with the blood of his mother’s people, the nymphs and mermaids of England.

When the ageless lord of the River Thames is jolted out of retirement by news of horrific death among his nymphs, he calls on the king of Faerie for aid. Already alerted by disturbing visions, Oberon’s principal gentlemen, Ben Harper and acerbic, shape-changing Raven, find themselves once again in service—this time on the trail of a monster. With only Ben’s gift of finding and faerie music as a guide, vague clues lead them on a terrible chase through London’s many-layered history to a mythic confrontation on the banks of a vanished river.
Only the gods know what will come of it all!

Trust the Water